firefly occasions

Dear loyal fans and new followers,

You've come to this site looking for Firefly Occasions but as you can see it is no longer in existence.

I built the company over the last 8 years and while it is sad to say goodbye to my beloved brand I know that it is time to move on. In November of 2011 my personal situation changed very drastically and what was once a family business could no longer be continued in that way. Throughout 2012 I have worked to keep my commitments made to clients and follow through providing them with stunningly beautiful weddings.

While going through this transition I thought long and hard about the involvement I want to have in the wedding industry both in Calgary as a wedding planner and designer as well as internationally as a speaker. I have always trusted that God would lead my way and He led me to a powerful meeting with Juliana Williams of WedStudio. A colleague for years, Juliana has quickly become an integral part of my future in the wedding industry and a dear friend. I have teamed with her to create and lead the WedStudio Planning and Design division. I am incredibly honored and delighted that I am joining such a fabulous team as a creative and a mentor.

I still have a deep affection for luxury weddings and feel I've been a leader in bringing wedding innovation to Calgary and I hope to continue to do that via Choreographed by Ciara for WedStudio and my Calgary Luxury Weddings blog.

My gratitude to all of you who have supported my efforts over the past 8 years and who have encouraged me to take this next big step in my career. I am blessed with an amazing son, family and friends who have seen me through this past year of transformation. To my clients, your inspiration leads me to create and I look forward to creating more with you in the future. And to the amazing wedding community, your messages and kind words have kept my spirits uplifted and helped me to see this new path. Thank you all for your continued support.

Ciara SignatureCiara
Founder of Firefly Occasions